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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Versatile Successful Entrepreneur

Figure this one seems to be the figure of a businessman who might be able to take a sample of his persistence to achieve success. Well, Ir. Basuki Kurniawan, MBA owner PT. International Indoexim may be relatively new in the world of small and medium exporters.

But upon the success which he achieved was not necessarily directly he can in an instant, a struggle and a long time to be able to achieve success.

Recognized the success he achieved is the result of his father's upbringing. Basuki assess the figure of the father is a hard worker. Basuki little to tell his father was one of the employees who worked at a car dealership

"I remember my father was in 1988 he worked in the 50 th year of his pay Rp.200.000, while I was at that time my salary after I graduated that my salary S1 Rp.375.000," said he graduated from the University of Gadjah Mada University majoring in Electrical Engineering.

Basuki told how the current state first child, where they live in the simplicity. But despite living in their simplicity grateful for all your needs can still be met.

 "All I remember was a child, my father was never held the money, because when he handed over to his wife's direct payday. So the minimum wage was the main concern for buying necessities like rice, oil and so is, "he said.

While living in simplicity but Basuki said education is the number one priority in her family. Terbukiti kandunganya her brothers are all college educated.

"Yes, my first time at GMU I was thinking how I could quickly pass and want to quickly get a job. Until at last I was able to finish in four years sooner than normal college education electro seven years, so although not the best graduates, "he said.

After he graduated and mendapatakan engineering degree in 1988, her career start in Jakarta, Which was at that time he was working at a subsidiary of Lippo Group, the IT staff and Basuki had also worked at one of the largest beverage company in Indonesia.

Quibble want to change fate, Basuki even rack my brain how he could becoming a successful person. Much to learn from the place where he once worked, and Basuki also tried his luck in the world of entrepreneurship.

"The idea of ​​entrepreneurship that has emerged since my masi work, entrepreneurship was the beginning of my first I was selling electrical appliances, so I bought dijualin-jualin glodok continue to work friends," he said.

Many efforts have been undertaken by Basuki them he also sells spring rolls in the supermarket, but that did not work. He also had the fried peanut direpackage business with his own label.

"Yeah I was also sells spring rolls, chicken noodle, continue hotcakes. If selling peanuts was inspired from one enterprise bean in Indonesia. I bought the beans from central Java area Pati kept me bungkusin small and labeled Rajawali, "said the man born in Semarang.

Basuki the beginning of 1997 after his pioneering success menyadang S-2 management, he moved the bow that started working as a GM EDP Manager to Director of marketing at the company's residential property sector. Basuki was also asked for help to sell the housing business have colleagues.

Short stories of success Basuki armed with a wide range of experience, he did not just develop the property business alone but he has now developed the field of manufacturing and export business furniture.

"Since I decided to get out of the company's property sector and build the company, I am grateful PT. Indoexim International has pioneered this effortlessly able to carve a feat that is Primaniyarta 2011 from the Ministry of Commerce, "said Basuki.

The other side of life Basuki as an entrepreneur, turns out he is a very loving olaharaga badminton. The love with badminton since she was a child and his hobbies are often routinely performed.

"I was like at badminton, first it was small when my dad use to play the same racket made of plywood happy aja racket though not original. If now I still often play a single game and still going strong, "said Lim Swi King fan.

Basuki Dikesibukannya as employers are still concerned with his family. The father of two children, namely Richard and Marvela is spelled dad cares about education. This is evidenced by sending Richard to SMA Taruna Magelang.

Basuki deliberately send Richard to SMA Taruna because he mengingkan his son to be a disciplined and could feel the circumstances of the struggle to achieve something in life is not easy.

'If he was my life was educated in Jakarta only from mall to mall, if at Magelang that he will feel a struggle with access tiidak as in Jakarta and SMA Taruna that he will meet friends from different social classes, it would make he would struggle to get anything, "he said.

While the children are both described by Basuki school even though he was still in elementary school, but already has a more than self-sufficient nature.
When asked in love with his wife's trip turned out to be the seed of love that arises from Yogyakarta. At that moment Theresianawati Basuki know its worship together in church. Lived a long distance relationship with Teresa turns oelh Basuki lasting until marriage.

"Yes we were courting passing notes because I worked in Jakarta while my wife was in college in Yogyakarta. So once a month I had the time to meet with him, "he said.

While Teresa when asked about the figure of her husband, saying that Basuki is the figure of a serious and hardworking. So naturally when Teresa said that since he was a little stiff courtship.

"He was an actor in the sense that word again good mood good and he was flexible and could be doubled if anything. Yes usually the case if the holiday I prefer the outdoor tuh but if you yourself despise it well at home, read-read books, "said Teresa, who was mendampingin her husband.

Regarding women to the current era, Basuki assess Indonesian women have more courage and move forward.